Electric Pallet Truck
electric pallet truck
electric pallet truck
- Capacity:1500kg, DC power,light-duty conditions
- Fit for small work space,double-side pallet can use
- Maintenance-free battery/easy replance/inner charger
- Replace hand pallet truck, load/unload on vehicles
- Low voltage protection, truck will stop if voltage is lower, 
make truck/battery with long using life
- Emergecy stop/hour meter/Battery level indicator
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The smartelectric pallet truck with DC driving system offer quick response, accuratecontrol and excellent performance;
1. Safety: Auto Curve Speed-reduced function;
2. Anti-roll back prevents uncontrolled traveled speed or roll-bak on rampswhen loading and unloading;
3. The small ground clearance, to protect the operator;
4. High-strength frame design, suitable for tough workplaces, ensures longerservice life;
5. Vertical motor ensures convenience inspection and maintenance of motor andbrake, provide much better maintainability than horizontal motor;
6. Ergonomics operation handle to increase the comfortable feeling;
7. Advanced regenerative braking guarantee low-energy consumtion, increasingthe effciency.

8. Curtisecontroller, DC motor.